Our Philosophy

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Our Pastures

We are purposeful in our farming.  We practice rotational grazing, mooving our cattle from pasture to pasture to allow regeneration of the forages and a period of rest. The manure and urea deposited by the cows serve as a natural fertilizer and the trampling action aids in gently massaging the deposits into the soil. When the cattle eat the tops of the plants, the roots are stimulated and grow. This natural process promotes fertile soil, water conservation and biodiversity.

We add additional amendments to the soil based on testing but never use genetically modified inputs, pesticides or herbicides. We don’t believe in messing with mother nature and are fearful of the unintended consequences, just ask the bees!

Speaking of nature, if we keep organic matter and water in the dirt and out of the air, you could say we are having a positive impact on climate change!

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The right genetics lie at the heart of our production because not all cows finish well on grass and forages. We have selected our two breeds because of their outstanding genetic expression based on a grass-based diet. Following are our criteria to excel in our program:

  • Proven performance on grass

  • Tenderness

  • Fertility

  • Overall Health and longevity

  • Docility

  • Milk production

  • Calving ease

We let our cows be cows! They graze only on fresh forages and are never given grain, antibiotics or growth hormones. Because of our health protocols, our animals rarely get sick but if they do, we remove them from our grass-fed program. Once they have been through any required withdrawal protocols they are harvested commercially. We use preventative measures to keep our animals healthy like access to freshwater and balanced mineral supplements including many trace minerals crucial for metabolic health and reproduction.

Turning grass into a protein that is tender and delicious takes skill, patience and time. An enterprise like this is more time consuming and costly than traditional feedlot enterprises but we think the effort is worth it.


Healthy People

Better beef means better health.

Grass fed beef has a better nutritional profile than grain fed beef:

  • lower in total fat

  • more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

  • More conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid we need that’s been shown to help fight cancer, discourage weight gain, and build muscle

  • More disease-fighting antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin A and E