About Us

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Go Girl!

We love our guys but, BCF is owned by girls! Oh sure, they help out with some of the heavy lifting but it’s mainly us. Women have long been pioneers, breaking boundaries, challenging conventions and stepping outside of traditional roles to change the world. We want to change the way the world grows and raises food. Involving consumers and other farmers in conversations about how and why we do this is important to the future of farming. We are committed to serving our community to make this happen through education, mentoring and sharing our craft with others



Let’s face it, we should all place family first. Being part of something greater than ourselves is at the center of our family. We are bound together by our strong religious faith, our courage to step outside ourselves to seek new adventures and our strong love for one another. While we are not always perfect, we strive every day to be present with each other, to be good listeners and to be kind. We believe that our family extends beyond our farm to include the like-minded people who appreciate our craft, those who help us produce it and the lucky ones who get to taste it.



We believe that we are called to be good stewards of our greatest natural resources, our land, water and sunshine. Sustainable farming is a dynamic process that leads to healthy soil capable of producing high-quality, nutrient dense forages for our livestock and food for us. As the soil grows healthier, the food supported by it contains more minerals and nutrients, which helps us all grow and be healthy.


Right Genetics

We believe that the right genetics are at the center of our delicious, tender, pasture-finished meats. Selecting cattle that will finish on natural forages is key to producing well-marbled, tender beef. This process has occurred over years of successful breeding and we are blessed to be trusted with these genetics in our herd.



We will not compromise our standards of maintaining a holistic farm that will support healthy livestock in a low-stress environment. This means letting cows be cows! Our herd grazes on grass and other forages their entire lives, without growth hormones or antibiotics. With our protocols they rarely become ill but, if they do, we treat them compassionately and they are removed from our grass-fed program.